Monday, 14 October 2013

First Blog Post "Awkwardness" and other stuff

ummm.. Well this is awkward!

I find that the first blog post is the most awkward thing anyone can write. Like what do you start with ??

"Hi My name is....."  Naaah too cheesy.

"Good even to thou"  Ugh.

"I own your soul...." Dafuq??? No No No!!!

I guess I'll stick to the standard first blog post: Hey! My Name is Mohamed, But you can call me "Mr Awesome". Yea, Just call me that. I'm 16 years old. and I live on Earth. (On land, to be more specific)

What should I say now ???

I love reading, so I created this blog to review and share my thoughts on the different books I read and to talk about stuff that really interests me or stuff that I really just wanna talk about. But generally everything will be related to books, reading, writing, authors...etc.

Now the reason I think this post is so awkward is not only because I don't have anything to talk about but also because that probably the main reason you are here and this far into the post is that either you have nothing better to do or you see in me a future star.... *.*

I'm not judging anyone ... I'm just saying. No No, Please don't go.......

So I'll just assume that awesome people are capable of finding awesome blogs :D I'll try my best to post everyday or so.... but I do have lots of studying too so we will see about that.

Anyways, I hope you like my blog and if you have any questions or books that you want me to read or stuff you want me to discuss, you can always comment on my posts and I'll do my best to read your and reply to your comments.

Be sure to stay tuned for my future posts!

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